Kristin Dempsey -


This is Kristin's first professional recording of a lead vocal, but she's been actively involved with music most of her life. She grew up in the Chicago suburbs playing and singing at the piano. She added the clarinet at nine, which she still plays for the occasional theater/orchestra gig.

As time progressed, she took in musicals, choirs, voice and dance classes, and  backup singing for various musicians. She pursued her career as an illustrator and over time added to it computer graphics and marketing work for a small design studio.

She first met Lane Lambert in 1994 when they both participated in an intense production of the plays of W. B. Yeats, for which Kristin provided various acting and dancing roles, and Lane and her band provided music. Lane's idea for Tristan and Iseult seemed to spark again after the Yeats production, and her friends are glad she's had the talent and perseverance to make her beautiful project a reality.

Kristin currently spends her time building her illustration, portraiture and fine art business and continuing her dance classes. She's honored have provided art for the cover of the CD, and hopes she's come close to realizing Lane's vision.

Kristin's grateful to Lane for giving her the chance to be involved in this labor of love - she couldn't have wished for a better CD debut. Lane's professionalism, humor and great compositions made singing duties a pleasure.

She would like to thank Patrick Chambers for being so patient, agreeable, and supportive during the recording sessions. (She apologizes for taking so long to remember when not to shout into the mike and hopes Pat's hearing has recovered.) Thanks also to Lou Lambert for his little-seen but unfailing support, and all the musicians for the gorgeous performances. She sends blessings and love to her husband and biggest fan Eric.