Patrick Chambers -
Guitars, Synths, Percussion, Vocals, Knob-Twiddling, Lifter of Heavy Things

I started playing guitar at about age 10. My folks bought me a cheesy little electric guitar, which I used to surrepetitiously plug into my stepdad's giant Silvertone amplifier when he wasn't home. Thus did I learn that rock and roll was a good thing, especially if you can use it to knock pictures off of the walls. I also learned the value of wearing shoes while playing electric guitars on cold concrete floors. Shocking!

I got my first acoustic guitar as a high school graduation present, a 12 string Epiphone, and a twelve string was the only guitar I owned for almost twenty years. I also fell in love with synthesizers at about the same time, and you can hear that electronic fascination of mine in much of the CD.

I have played music with Lane on and off for over 25 years, and very steadily for the last ten years or so. Lane, Karyl and I share the curious distinction of having actually played in a dumpster for Earth Day several years ago. I still have the t-shirt!

Lane and I have played in various band configurations over the years, a couple of which also included my wife, Donna. Lane and I have worked together on recording projects in one fashion or another since the early 90's. Other than playing with Lane, my only claim to musical fame is that I once was the lead singer at a junior high school dance with a band which included the former bassist of the Rainmakers, Rich Ruth, who is an old school pal.

Since all suffering musicians must, by law, have a day job, I work as the office manager for a large roofing company in Kansas City. I have been married to my wife Donna since Halloween 1997, and we have three boys between us, Stephen, 18, Clifton, 13, and Colin, 9. When not chasing the kids around, we clean up after four cats, one dog, and three fish tanks.

I am sometimes found outside on cold dark evenings staring skyward through a telescope, and I follow the space program closely (much easier to do these days thanks to the Internet!). I enjoy camping, writing, movies, plays and alternative spirituality pursuits when there's any time left over from everything else. I also have a perverse fixation on Marvin the Martian, which manifests itself in a collection of representative items which will very soon reach the critical mass of a couple of hundred individual figurines, toys, books, cups, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. I maintain a (really, really incomplete) web page at for those of you who have absolutely no life and want to see what kind of a mess I've made there. If you'd like to chastise me for wasting your time with all this babbling, you can email me at .


There wasn't quite enough space on the CD insert for me to properly thank everyone who deserves to be so recognized, so I'm going to do it here...

Infinite thanks and love to my wife Donna for her patience (which I managed to wear quite thin at times) over the years that Tristan and Iseult took to come to fruition. She gave up an awful lot of Sundays and weekday evenings while I worked on the CD, putting aside some of her own creative ideas in the process. She listened to test mixes and offered advice and support for almost five years, and now that it is all finished, she's still here! I love you!

Thanks to our children who found themselves scrounging around through empty cabinets looking for breakfast while I was off making music and Donna was working - kids, the cupboards are now full!

Thanks to Lane's husband Lou for providing both the means and the place for Lane and I to do what we do...this project could never have happened without him. Thanks to all of my friends for listening to soncially poor dubs of works in progress, sometimes over and over again, and then offering constructive criticism and lots and lots of encouragement.

And finally, thanks to Lane for trusting me to record her lovingly crafted songs and for being such a patient and steadfast friend. I wonder what the next 25 years will bring?